3 cafés nearby HOP INN Chonburi

Close-up of dining areas in a poster at Hop Inn Hotel
Cakery Patisseries Boutique Café poster at Hop Inn Hotel
Close-up of Momiji café items in a poster at Hop Inn Hotel
A collage of Tree Cloud Café at Hop Inn Hotel

HOP INN invites you to head to the 3 recommended Cafés to hop around and taking a photo of tasty desserts where is nearby HOP INN Chonburi - just only 10 minutes by driving. Hit up this list when you get tired from walking around Chonburi.

  • Cakery Patisseries Boutique café: A shady coffee shop is a romantic place with, nice and relaxing atmosphere in both indoor and outdoor seating areas. It's a good place for making a visit and taking pictures during drink coffee - only 8 minutes drive from HOP INN Chonburi.
  • Momiji Specialty Coffee: A Japanese-style café with providing a cosy space for people to taking photos both indoor and outdoor -  located just 8 minutes by HOP INN Chonburi.
  • Tree Cloud Café: A minimalist style café with a lakefront atmosphere beside the railway, decorated in white, comfortable to the eyes - only 4 minutes away from HOP INN Chonburi. 

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